Training & Learning Solutions

We have developed a comprehensive training and learning platform with flexibility to cater to different learning styles and support learning on the go, to overcome the challenges of multi-generational workforce and high staff turnover in various industries. This not only reduces overall training costs and increase efficiency, but most importantly provides quality training for employees that would exceed training benchmarks.

While schools and companies adopt training and learning management systems to primarily save costs and time, it is equally important for the training and learning management system (LMS) to have to potential to be customised. The flexibility of customization will ensure the system can fit into the current workflow seamlessly, to ease on-boarding of users. Thus, customization is often seen as a crucial feature, as it directly relates to the efficiency of staff and effectiveness the system.

Training & Learning Platform


  1. Learning on the go
    With a localised repository of training materials, employees can retrieve information anytime which decreases or eliminates the inconvenience of travelling and off-site training. Mobile learning also provides more learning opportunities than a training department can create. 

  2. Maintained Standards 
    Along with the convenient access to learning materials, the ability to schedule periodic self-assessments help to ensure that continuous learning and training is provided, to ensure that high standards of employees are maintained, making our learning and training platform the preferred training solution in the long-term.










  1. Self-assessment 
    Self-assessments provide continuous learning and refreshment lessons to improve retention of information, ensuring maintained standards.

  2. Content Management 
    Multimedia learning materials not only keep users engaged, but also help them visualize what is being taught which enhances the learning experience.

  3. Management of different users 
    Full control over content management allows you to restrict employee access to relevant training materials, to ensure a customised learning experience is provided.  

  4. Customizable available 
    We provide custom solutions tailored to meet your needs, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile learning and training.

  5. Custom reports
    Custom reports help periodic progress tracking to provide insights on effectiveness of training.



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